Wings of hope

Project 5


Imagine you live in a town as big as Exeter and you need medical help. Unfortunately, however, there is only one doctor for the whole town – and his practice is far outside the centre. The waiting list is long, public transport is on strike, and you have to walk. To make matters worse: It is the warmest summer for centuries, 45° C in the shade and the sun is brooding.

The need

This is roughly how you can imagine the situation here in the Turkana region of north-west Kenya. One doctor is responsible for 60,000 people. diseases such as malaria, typhoid, yellow fever and AIDS are widespread. The distances that have to be covered are very long and the roads are in extremely poor condition. If there are any at all. After heavy rains, the roads are interrupted by raging rivers.

Help from the air

On the other hand, many villages have small airstrips. Flying is often the only option to travel safely as bandits and tribal feuds endanger every traveller. In the middle of the Turkana region, in the small village of Namoruputh, we find a health station, started by Peters father Martin Franz. Over the last 40 years, our aeroplane has been an enormous relief and time saver, taking in doctors nurses and key medical supplies to help this medical outpost.

Help us to keep flying

This was just one of the many key roles our Cessna 182 has contributed towards over the many years it has been in service. Help us keep this plane serviced, fuelled and flying to carry on with the existing projects and establish new ones that will bless countless people going forwards.

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